Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More More More - MORONGO!

I’ve begun to realize that I always update yall about my weekends on TUESDAY mornings rather than Monday mornings. That’s because I like to squeeze every last bit of fun from my weekend as possible, so I’m usually out til late on Sunday night, not home writing :) hope that’s okay with yall!

So this weekend Greene Bean and I accompanied my mother to the Morongo Casino, aka the classiest Indian Casino west of the Mason-Dixon line… we arrived late Friday night after a stop at my beloved Chick-fil-A. Despite my pleading they would NOT give me the huge stuffed cow, which I think is rude considering how adorable I look posing with it:

When we woke up on Saturday, we grabbed a muffin and headed out to the pool for some fun in the sun (well, I laid out… poor GB has very pale sensitive skin so she spent most of the day in the shade). I will say that though Morongo itself is super trashy, the pool is lovely – I spent the whole day reading my book on a chaise lounge IN the pool. Delightful!

After some early evening massages/facials at the spa, we trekked into town for dinner at Wangs in the Desert (amazing name, amazing place FILLED with gay men, I was sooo happy). I got a little color on my face – yay for a tan!

Me and mama at dinner!

And Sunday we finished off the weekend with a jaunt to the Cabazon Outlet Mall. You KNOW I love me some outlet mall… I picked up this vase at Saks Off 5th, a fab bracelet and cardigan at Barneys Co-Op, a rhinestone necklace from J.Crew Factory, and two adorable pairs of sandals from Nine West. Very successful trip! We got date shakes at Hadley’s before heading home – GB had never been and she loved it!

I finished off the weekend by reuniting with Rami – he had spent the weekend in San Diego at Comic Con (if you’re interested in nerd-vana – HA I AMUSE MYSELF SO MUCH – check out his blog on his experiences! I have to admit it sounds kind of cool.) Two of his friends were celebrating their birthdays with a big celebration at Dominick’s in West Hollywood, so we joined them for dinner – it was so fun AND I got to wear my new J.Crew sweater (on sale now!), so a win-win for everyone!

Hope you all had fun weekends too :) I promise some more fun posts this week, including one with some embarrassing photos… Stay tuned!


Jenny said...

What happened to not promoting Chick-fil-A? BOOOOOO to them and their delicious waffle fries.


I feel that you have been traveling a lot and unfairly not coming to nyc just sayin