Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation Shopping - Almost As Good As The Vacation Itself

Per usual, a thing is happening soon that is making me VERY excited. So! What is that thing, you ask?


But not just any old vacation. A GROWN UP vacation... with my boyfriend! We are leaving a week from tomorrow and I am super excited. We’ll be spending a long weekend in Scottsdale at the Four Seasons and I can’t wait!

um, yes please.

Something you should know about Rami: he rarely takes vacations. He is a very hard worker and is not used to taking time off, especially not for himself and solely for relaxation purposes. I, on the other hand, am all about vacations, traveling, and relaxing. We have already discussed at length how I am going to show him how to REALLY relax - namely, we’re going to leave the laptops at home and put the iPhones down and do nothing but read books and lay out and swim and tan and eat. Sounds fabulous.

Also fabulous? I have been doing a bit of shopping in honor of the vacation. It is going to be DAMN HOT while we’re there (Arizona, middle of the summer, no getting around it) so I am planning on sticking to light, breezy dresses - no heavy fabrics and definitely no jeans!

I picked this ECI dress up from Nordstrom last month which I’ll probably wear with gold wedges to dinner one night. I love the pattern!

My mom also surprised me with this DKNY dress over the weekend and I am already considering it a wardrobe staple, thats how comfortable and wearable it is. I wore it over the weekend to run errands and then threw a cute necklace on over it for a BBQ and ran out the door - so easy!

I live in a pair of Dolce Vita sandals that I bought last summer (well, two pairs to be exact - I loved my black/silver ones so much I got them in brown/gold as well). That brand is SO comfortable, I’m seriously considering buying these, which I’ve seen everywhere but are now on sale at Bloomingdales!

Speaking of sandals... J.Crew was having a sale last week and when I was there returning something, I couldn’t resist these flipflops. They’ll be perfect for walking around the pool (hello, it’s going to be 104 degrees, you can’t go barefoot!) and for only $9, I had to. Come on! They’re leopard print!

I hope the next week passes VERY fast. Vacation cannot come soon enough!


$erena said...

you really should day trip to tucson. you have important matters to take up there aka beyond bread and dirtbags.

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Love those flip flops! Of course, now I totally want a pair. (I hate it when you post your shopping finds sometimes.) So excited for you! That place looks amazing!