Friday, August 12, 2011

The People of the Internet Know Me Better Than Anyone

It is the weekend! YAY. This week flew by for me. I hope it did for you too!

So I was randomly playing around on my blog and discovered through my statistics I could track what strangers type into google that gets them to my blog. In typical me fashion, it was a random assortment of nonsense - which is fitting, I guess, since that’s basically what happens around here :)

Here’s the Top 10 list:

fancy women cartoons

save the tatas

pink wedge heels

boy crutches

candy table for parties

what to wear clubbing in vegas

aephi tulane

wonton soup

tassel keychain

This made me laugh so hard. SO fucking random! “Fancy women cartoons?” WTF is that about? “Boy crutches?” Um, I haven’t wounded any boys lately, at least as far as I know. “AEPhi Tulane?” I blog about AEPhi a lot, but I did not attend Tulane. “Wonton Soup?” SURELY there must be other websites on the internet that are better resources for individuals wishing to learn more about wonton soup!

But want to know what was hands down the MOST searched for term on Google that got people to land on my blog?

No surprise here..

sparkle extensions

glitter hair extensions

tinsel hair extensions

sparkle glitter hair

hair sparkles

There you have it folks. The people of the internet have basically summed up my life as follows: candy, the color pink, my sorority, Las Vegas, and hair sparkles.

I'm so proud!


Grace said...

you make me laugh!!! love it!

xox grace

HeatherClark said...

yours are so much more fun than mine! i basically only have variations of my blog name...wah

ps hope you enjoy palm springs!! obsessed w that place