Monday, September 19, 2011

Neck Candy

A couple weeks ago, frustrated with the enormous tangle of necklaces in my jewelry box, I took matters into my own hands.

From left to right (displayed on a pretty Anthropologie hook rack) - pendants I wear all the time, statement necklaces I wear all the time, statement necklaces, and multichain necklaces.

I bought another jewelry holder from Urban Outfitters for everything that didn’t fit on the Anthro one - what can I say? I like being organized.

Once I could actually SEE all the necklaces I owned, naturally I decided it was time to beef up the collection. In the past few weeks I’ve gone a little nuts with buying new pendants and statement necklaces - here are some of the ones I’ve bought!

I love simple pendants that go with everything - I nearly always have one on no matter what I’m wearing. I got this Kendra Scott one on sale for 50% at Nordstroms last week - go get one before it’s too late! Available in turquoise, white, and tigers eye (brown).

Isn’t this purple braided strand cute? You can actually see this one in one of my pictures above - I paid $12 for it but it’s now on sale for less than $6! Available in purple, cream, and turquoise.

There’s nothing this simple chain of beads won’t go with it, and the length is absolutely perfect, not to mention the price - on sale at Nordstrom for $31! I got turquoise - my favorite stone to wear- it also comes in natural and tigers eye.

I saved my favorite two for last!

The necklace above is by Spring Street - it’s available in the beige, which I own, and black. The moment I saw it I knew I had to own it - I literally could not believe it when I saw the price tag... only $68! I wore it to the Shabbat dinner I hosted a couple weeks ago, out in Palm Springs with Rami, and with a casual sweater and pair of jeans, and I get TONS of compliments whenever I put it on!

I have loved this necklace for years - the stone is drusy agate and it’s literally the prettiest, sparkliest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life - the picture does not do it justice. Bailey loves it too! So you can imagine how much shrieking came from the Silverman sisters when my mom saw me admiring it in a store and promptly bought us EACH this Marcia Moran necklace on the spot! BEST MOM EVER! Every time I look at myself wearing it in a mirror I can’t help but smile!

So... think my collection is complete? I sure do... until the next sale, that is :)


Anonymous said...

Who makes this studded bracelet in the picture?

Jordan said...

Hi Anon!

The bracelet is by CC Skye. It's a couple years old so I don't think that exact one is in stock anymore but she has lots of variations on it. If you have any more questions email me!