Thursday, September 8, 2011


Contrary to what it looks like in the title of this post, I did NOT come home from Vegas with one hundred new shiny Chanel bags, because I did NOT win a single penny in Las Vegas. BOO!

Good thing I had tons of fun anyway, right?

One of my colleagues in my office walked by me on Tuesday, the day after we got back. “How was Vegas?!” he asked. “Great!” I said. “Did you get wasted? Did you go crazy? Were you out all night?” he asked.

I looked at him like he was nuts. “Uh, no. I went with my mom,” I told him. He looked aghast. “What? Your mom?! And you had a good time?” “Not only did I have a good time,” I replied. “I had the BEST TIME!”

Vegas with my mama is always the best time. We like gambling on all the same machines, shopping in all the same places, eating in all the same restaurants - the only difference is I like to visit the spa for a massage and she uses that time for more gambling :)

This time we stayed at the Aria. Yall. Have you been? You need to go, IF ONLY so you can smell it. Yes, I said smell it. That hotel smells like fucking heaven. I like to describe it as a mixture of vanilla and candy and magic. It is intoxicating as all hell and that crazy person you see walking around the casino sniffing the air is me. I can’t help myself.

We were there Friday night through Monday afternoon and we had so much fun - especially after Jacob joined us! He was there with his fraternity brothers and took the time to meet us for a couple meals :) This time around, we ate at Julian Serrano (which was FABULOUS, I highly recommend), Carnevino, and the old standby, The Palm for dinner. We shopped at Fashion Show where I scored a sick pair of white jeans on sale and an AMAZING NECKLACE (to be revealed soon) which I have yet to take off my neck. We laid out by the pool, I got a hot stone massage, and I flushed all my money down the toilet.... ALMOST a perfect weekend!

As promised, here are some pics!

Before you ask any questions, yes Jacob wore a t-shirt to dinner at a fancy restaurant (he claims there was a wardrobe malfunction and the shirt he intended on wearing got ruined by "a big footprint"), and NO my mother and I are not twins. Oh, and YES he won $1000 on a Wheel of Fortune game, and YES I FELL OFF THE FUCKING BENCH IN SHOCK WHEN IT HAPPENED!!!

Vegas! I miss you already. Can’t wait to go back!

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Lindsey Leigh said...

and by the looks of it I would say you had a fabulous time.. So jealllll! I wanna go back to VEGAS like NOW! haha