Thursday, November 10, 2011

Entertaining with the Queen

If there’s one thing Ellen “Martha Jewart” Silverman taught me, it’s how to throw a party. Whether it’s for a couple girlfriends over for a casual bowl of pasta on a weeknight or a serious sit-down dinner bash, I love having people over and having the opportunity to cook and entertain for them :)

Lately, I’ve been hosting dinners at my house once a week or so. My friends come over, we all chip in and help make some yummy stuff, and sit down to enjoy! Rami and I have also been trying to eat healthy, so instead of going out, most nights I try to cook when he’s over.

To be honest, though – it doesn’t really matter what you serve, as long as you serve it up nice :) Even when I am too lazy to cook and call for takeout, or order a catered meal for a big Shabbat dinner for 25, I always make sure to take the time and set a nice table and re-plate all the food on nice dishware and serving pieces. It takes just a few extra minutes and really makes everything look so special – even if it’s just beef and broccoli from the Chinese place down the street!

With the holidays coming up, I thought I’d share some serving pieces I’ve found online that I think are perfect for future parties. I’m already planning my next one and can’t wait to pick some of these up to add to my collection!


One of my favorite things to make – and eat – is the classic tomato/mozzarella salad. When I have a big group over, I make my own skewers and prop them up in a vase, but if I ordered this clever little toothpick holder, I think it’d be a big hit! I’m already imagining the possibilities! ($44)


Take your spaghetti right out of the pot or display your roasted chicken in the middle – everything looks better on a platter. This one is basic with a little flair (love the ruffle!). Buy a couple and fill them up! ($24.95)


How pretty and bright are these glass bottles? They are perfect for adding a pop of color to a bar or table – fill them up with water or iced tea!


I own this 3-tiered platter and get a TON of use out of it. I like to make different kinds of bruschetta – some with tomato, some with garlic, some with olive tapenade – and put each kind on its own tier. Then, after they’re all eaten, I wash the little plates off just in time for dessert, and fill it with cookies or brownies! ($30)


It should come to no surprise to any of you that my mother, Miss Jewart herself, owns these cake plates – the gem embellishments are right up her alley! I am in the market for some cake plates and may need to snap these up when they’re back in stock – they come in a set of three, all different sizes. ($119.99)

Platters and trays and dishes, oh my! I’m so inspired now – I may need to throw a party!


Diana M. said...

LOVE that ruffled platter, but need a platter like a hole in my head. But I could really use that 3-tiered thing! Where is that from?? (Your link doesn't work.) Thanks! xoxo

Katie said...

We are totally coming to LA next year. I want to see this hostess-ing in action!

chanel said...

LOVE this post! That food made me hungry even though I had plenty of dinner. Ha!

xo chanel