Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Royal Gift Guide: Presents for the Techie

Hope you all liked my first guide guide yesterday featuring fun stuff for the home! I’m back today with a new roundup of items geared specifically for your most tech-savvy pal!


I’m an iPad girl myself, but I have friends who rave about their Kindles. It’s worth checking out the new Kindle Fire just for the price alone - $199 for a color tablet that lets you watch movies, stream music, go online, and of course, read books!

This Jonathan Adler Smartphone Dock makes a perfect gift because it’s one of those things that everyone would like, but no one would buy for themselves. ($48)

When I saw this, I had one of those moments where I literally was like “What will they think of next?!” - it’s an iPhone photo printer! You stick your phone right on the little charger and you can print your photos instantly. Seriously amazing. ($159.99)

How cool is this Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop bag? I love the reptile print with the neon accents! ($130)

Bose is famous for their noise-canceling headphones - they’re a splurge, but I can personally attest that they’re worth it! My dad gave me these a couple years ago and anytime I fly, they’re in my bag - I never hear the crying babies on airplanes! ($300)

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with giving a techie a giftcard to the Apple Store. They’ll thank you a million times and then geek out to their heart’s content :)

Hope you’re enjoying these gift guides and finding them helpful! Next up, we’re tackling stuff for the guys - so ladies, if you’re stuck on finding the perfect thing for your brother, cousin, or boyfriend, hopefully you’ll find the perfect thing. Check back tomorrow!

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Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

great choices - I love the headphones!!