Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Very Jordan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a WEEK ago? Geez. Time is FLYING, yall!

My trip to New York for the holiday was very fun. I wish I had more exciting stories to share, but whenever I'm in NY for a holiday (Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving), it's just good old fashioned family time. Of course, in my family, that means a mandatory trip to Home Goods, watching my grandmother shriek with rage anytime a Kardashian appears on TV, lengthy discussions about White Castle, an unofficial "how many chicken wings can you eat at one meal" contest, and of course, eating obscene amounts of food while simultaneously talking about our next meal.

Anywho! I did manage to take a few pictures throughout all these shenanigans...


Typical. Everyone is in the kitchen - cooking, baking, cleaning, and getting ready for Thanksgiving - and I am posing.


Silverwoman lady shot! Clearly my mother and I wanted it to be "A Very Sparkly Thanksgiving", what with her turquoise statement necklace and my metallic silver shrug (I paired it with glitter J.Crew ballet flats, naturally.) Kudos to Bailey for keeping it natural with her earth-toned jeggings.


A quick shot with my dear mother and my cousins, who agreed to pilot the vehicle and supervise us so we could all go to the Black Friday sales in the middle of the night! (Pardon her closed eyes, she was awake, I swear.)


Target FAIL. Here's a fun glimpse of the 800 people lined up outside good old Targ at midnight. We stood outside and gawked for a couple minutes, then went to Kohls a few blocks away. We left with iphone speakers, a bathrobe, and a wok. All three items that CLEARLY could not wait until morning.


No idea why I am even posting this picture - I look half asleep! My darling sister and I at brunch at The Smith.


My darling friend Carly Bab lives in Manhattan, and we got to spend an entire day together, brunching, shopping, and gossiping like we were back in college. How cute is she? How cute is her coat?! I'm wearing my new Helmut Lang sweater and a rose gold necklace my mom bought Bailey in Israel (that I promptly stole. Thanks B!).


At dinner at Landmarc, my little cousin ordered mint chip ice cream for dessert and they were all out. I told the waiter I'd forgive him if he brought over some cotton candy for her. Guess who ended up stealing it for themselves? If you guessed MY ENTIRE FAMILY, you'd be right.

Good times in New York! Hopefully you all had a lovely holiday as well!

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Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

What cute pics! We must play next time you are here!!