Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dress Up

A week from today I am flying to New York for my cousin’s bat mitzvah. I can’t wait to see my family on the East Coast (especially my sister!) but the dilemma of what to wear is giving me quite a headache.

For those of you who might not know, it’s customary to have your shoulders covered when you attend a Jewish prayer service at a synagogue as a sign of respect. This works out well in this case – I wouldn’t want to wear anything sleeveless or strapless in New York in February anyway – it snowed last week! (Before you even ask, yes, I am already flipping out over the coat and boot situation.)

Additionally, my cousin’s party is right after the morning prayer service – it’s a luncheon. My usual go-to party dresses with their heavy sequins and sparkles won’t work – even I draw the line at a cocktail dress at noon on a Saturday! However – this is the Queen of LA we’re talking about. I don’t want to wear something black and boring!

So for the past month or so I’ve been on the lookout for a classy yet fabulous dress – something that covers my shoulders (or goes well with a snazzy blazer or sweater) and is appropriate for both praying and partying. Here are some options I’ve been liking…

Should I go for something patterned?


Left to right:

Kate Spade/Diane von Furstenberg/Tucker/J.Crew/Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique

Or something super bright and colorful? Could look fabulous paired with black opaque tights and super high heels or boots…


Left to right:

Topshop/See By Chloe/Elizabeth & James/Anthropologie/Calvin Klein

A basic black or grey dress would allow me to zhush it up with insane accessories and jewels:


Left to right:

DKNY/Michael Stars/Kate Spade/Free People/Juicy Couture

What do you think? What’s your favorite? Got a dress you could recommend? I need to know!


Sophie said...

I like the Kate Spade Polka Dot one! so cute!

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

The brights! The brights! Love them. Coming to NYC? Playdate!?

Diana M. said...

Oh! The polka dot! Perfect!

Although I also really like that Calvin Klein red dress too!

Have fun!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

My favs are...

The Tucker, Pink TopShop, Orange See by Chloe and the Black lace Juicy! Such fun choices!! Let us know what you pick!

The City Boy said...

i would try to make a recommendation based on weather but i dont think that will help becuase the weather has been so crazy here! 50 for 2 days, 40 and raining the next. Normal and sunny after. Never know what to wear!

Gameday Stylist said...

My vote is patterned!

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist