Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Meal Fit For A Queen

There are few things I love more than a trip to Las Vegas with my mom. Everyone is always so surprised when they hear about how often we go together, but it’s not like we’re out clubbing or anything! Since we live so close (only an hour flight away), it’s the perfect place for a girl’s getaway. We were there this past weekend and, as usual, we had a great time together doing our favorite things - gambling (and losing), shopping at Fashion Show Mall, and of course, eating at some of our favorite places!


Knowing that I go as often as I do, lots of people often ask me for my Vegas recommendations (I usually direct them to this post), but I make sure to encourage anyone planning a trip to make time for dinner at Craftsteak - my very favorite restaurant.

I came prepared to dinner this time... now rather than just TELLING you all about it, I can SHOW you!

I’m one of those people who can easily fill up on bread before the meal if it’s good enough. Warning: the bread at Craftsteak IS good enough! They serve little Hawaiian rolls sprinkled with fleur de sel - sweet and delicious.


During the summer, the appetizer to get at Craftsteak is their heirloom tomato salad or anything with corn in it. However, since we were there in January, we went for some meat! I ordered a Wagyu steak tartare, which came with crostini and a tiny quail egg, and my mom got the charcuterie platter, which arrived with a mustard sampler tray - such gorgeous plating! Both were delicious.


I couldn’t resist ordering a Fanny Bay oyster when I saw it on the menu - yes, just one! It came with horseradish, lemon, cocktail sauce, and mignonette - I’m a lemon/horseradish girl myself.


Those of you who know me will not be surprised by this - I am not a fan of sharing a meal :) However, the steaks at Craftsteak are HUGE - I could never finish one by myself. My mom and I always share the hanger steak, cooked medium rare (more on the rare side) and it’s perfect - melt-in-your-mouth good.


But BETTER than the steak, if possible? Their side dishes. They offer basically anything you could want - risottos, grilled and roasted vegetables, potatoes any way, you name it. We shared a Yukon Gold potato puree with chives and roasted butternut squash with fried sage leaves...


... and my FAVORITE - roasted mushrooms. HEAVEN IN A LITTLE GOLD PAN. I sure hope my sister is not reading this post, because as a lifelong mushroom hater, there is no way she could appreciate the photo of those tiny ‘shrooms. One of my all-time favorite dishes on earth.


Everytime we go, I cross my fingers that Tom Colicchio will be there - I am obviously a HUGE Top Chef fan and I think I’d faint on the floor to see his cute bald head in front of me. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there... but the mini cookie sandwiches they brought out gratis at the end of the meal helped cheer me up just a tad :)


They’re the perfect size - barely bigger than my thumbnail! We never order dessert, because we’re always so full from dinner :)

Bottom line: if you’re planning a trip to Vegas, make sure Craftsteak makes it onto your itinerary. I’ve suggested it to dozens of people and they’ve all been blown away - it’s a splurge, but well worth it. I go to hundreds of restaurants a year but there are very few that I love as much as I love Craftsteak!


Alyson said...

ok, this meal is fit for a queen... ME!! hahahaha, amazingness! the one oyster cracks me up, and dying for those mushrooms. YUM.

Natalie said...

The food looks incredible! What a fun place to eat!

The Fashionable ESQ said...

I LOVE VEGAS! I'd love to be able to hop an hour flight and be there. So convenient. And the food is really incredible. Dont even get me started on the shopping... ;)
The Fashionable ESQ


Michelle said...

I love that you and your mom frequent Vegas! My mom and I do the same, thats our "thing"! We get out there at least 3 times a year (would be more, but I live on the East Coast). Its so nice to see another mother/daughter combo that enjoying the same "girl time" that we do ;)