Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Neons

R and I were outside a restaurant the other day, waiting for our name to be called to get seated, when I decided to pop into Gap to kill some time and look around. I was only in the store for a few minutes, but that was long enough for me to fall in love with their latest offerings - shirts, flats, belts, and sweaters, all in glorious shades of NEON!

After lunch, we ran a couple errands, finishing the afternoon at Target. Lo and behold, electric shades were everywhere on their racks too! I held up a hot pink sports bra and told Rami, "Neon is going to be MAJOR for spring." "That's nice," he said, and wandered off to look at DVDs.

Boyfriends and their lack of fashion knowledge aside, I was right - neon IS everywhere, and it is totally major for spring! It's not even that cold in Los Angeles (I feel for you all on the East Coast, really I do), but already I'm itching to brighten up my wardrobe with hot pink, lime green, bright yellow, and hot orange shoes, bags, accessories, and more!

It's only January and I can't believe how much neon I'm seeing in stores and online. I want it all! What about you - see anything you like or have to have? Which bright is your favorite - pink, orange, yellow, or green? You know I'm partial to pink, but those other neons are calling my name!


Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

LOVING all the pinks :)

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Love, love, love all of these bright colors!!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Obsessed with the Target seamless sports bras (especially since all I wear is work out gear these days) and I HAVE to buy the neon Gap city flats. LOVE those shoes (I have 6 pairs) and the neon is a great update)

Alyson said...

Having MAJOR love for all of the neons, particularly the pinks you showed. the mini mac?! to die!

Melissa said...

i was just telling a girlfriend i was shocked (but pleased) all the neon is already out!

also, personal question. are you half Jewish? I saw you celebrated Christmas with your mom's side of the family, but I always assumed both you and Rami were Jewish?
Sorry if it's too personal, I celebrate both so I just found it interesting!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

melissa - i am actually not half, just regular old jewish! :)

when i said we celebrated christmas with my mom's side, i meant more like we spent the actual week of christmas together, but that's just because the kids all have school off and its easier for everyone to get together then.

no trees or carols or church for us! :)

Gameday Stylist said...

I had the same reaction about the Gap and i am LOVING neons!

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist