Friday, May 18, 2012

Roughing It

I don’t know about you, but here’s how I usually spend my weekends: Sleeping in. Relaxing. Shopping. Brunching. Usually seeing a movie at some point. Running an errand or two. Walking to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning. Laying around catching up on TV.
Here’s a thing I don’t usually do on weekends: Go CAMPING.
But this weekend camping is on the agenda. Yes, you read that correctly. The Queen of LA is going camping. Get your laughter out now because it is not a joke. R’s best friend is turning 30 and to celebrate, she decided she wanted the whole group to go camping together. I love her, so I agreed.
Because this is not an activity I partake in regularly (read: EVER), naturally I am lacking in equipment I’ll need for this adventure. I turned to Facebook to inquire if anyone could lend me a tent. After 18 Facebook likes and 20 comments from my friends asking what the hell was going on, I now have a tent. And a mattress pad. And a sleeping bag. And a little folding chair. And a cooler. I am ready!
Or am I? I am scared of things like wild animals and snakes but I am putting on my bravest face and sucking it up. I plan on packing a container full of cookies and my warmest Splendid sweatpants to get me through the loooong cold night (did I mention I’m only going for one night? Or that the entire adventure will be less than 24 hours? I’m nothing if but dramatic!) Also, our friends are bringing their puppies (three to be exact) and the world’s cutest baby, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to distract me from thoughts of bears :)

This girl looks delighted to be camping. I am not this girl.
Everyone has requested - no, DEMANDED - that I take photos of this adventure. Obviously it will be documented in full - what kind of blogger do you think I am!?
So this weekend if you need me, I’m sorry, I won’t be available. Instead I will be roughing it in the wilderness (aka the campgrounds in Malibu). Hope your weekend is as adventurous as mine is! :)

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