Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Call Me The Queen of Camping

Hey yall! Camper Silverman here :) Needless to say, I survived my trip to the wilderness... and I actually really liked it! 

I'm gonna toss a term out there for you - "glamping." Like a hybrid between glamorous and camping? Because that's what we did. And that's probably why I liked it :) This campsite was absolutely beautiful - trees everywhere, surrounded by mountains, filled with little hopping bunnies. And it had flushable toilets to boot!


We arrived around 5pm on Friday to find our friends already there setting up. First things first, we had to unpack my car -- which was full of about eighty-five different things, including but not limited to three sleeping bags, a queen-sized blow-up mattress, a tent, two beach chairs, my overnight bag, Ram's overnight bag, and six bags of groceries. May I remind you we were going to be there for less than 24 hours?


Ram and Offer quickly got to setting up our tent while it was still light outside. Such manly men. I don't have a picture of our tent all set up - but it was so cute, it even had a little welcome mat outside!


Here's what I did while they were doing that -- cheered them on, while holding a cute baby: 


Meanwhile Jackie was making dinner. How's this for impressive - they accidentally forgot their propane stove, so instead Jackie built a fire in the firepit using real wood, and cooked dinner the old-fashioned way! I was so impressed I was speechless. I just ate my homemade chili and didn't say a word.


At one point Offer called upon me to help "stoke the fire." Ram took a picture of me loading another log onto the flames. Look at me! I am like an expert, living off the land!


By far my favorite part was making (and eating) smores. Is there anything better than a smore? No, no there is not. I ate so many marshmallows that R had to take my skewer away from me. 


My LEAST favorite part of the experience would have to be, uh, the sleeping part. It was freaking freezing in Malibu and newflash - sleeping on the ground (or CLOSE TO THE GROUND on an air mattress) is just not comfortable. I had a brief tantrum once Ram had zipped us up into our tent. Also, I may or may not have woken him up at 2am to accompany me to the bathroom. (HEY! It was scary and I had not ruled out the possibility of bears.) We woke up bright and early the next morning - the air was crisp and the tent was covered in dew. It was kind of nice, actually :) 


And soon after, more pals arrived - just in time for a three hour hike!

Oh - did you think I went on a three hour hike? No my friend, you are clearly new here. How many out-of-my-comfort-zone things did you want me to do in one day!? While the friends were hiking, I volunteered to go fetch more firewood. And by that, I mean "drive to Albertsons a mile away and buy some firewood. And get a Starbucks. And pee in the air conditioning."

The pals returned from the hike in the early afternoon and we all made turkey sandwiches and ate them in the shade of a big oak tree. Puppies ran around us and babies cooed from their strollers. It was lovely.


And then, just as soon as it happened, it was over. I had survived! Rami kissed me and told me he was so proud. I smiled sweetly and told him I had made reservations at Itzakaya for that evening and to gather his things - it was time to go :)

All in all, a great trip! Everyone is already talking about doing it again next year. I'll be ready!


Georgina said...

Omg how FUN! I definitely want to plan a glamping trip - you've officially inspired me :)


Diana M. said...

OMG! You did it! Proud of you - and better you than me! Glad you had fun!

Last time I went camping, it was maybe 13 years ago, for three nights in a REMOTE location with no running water (except for a little brook kinda nearby) or building of any kind. Had to haul in everything we needed (including water) and haul out everything we used (including TP!). Not my kind of vacation and I haven't gone back since. I have done the glamping thing once (on a river raft trip almost 20 years ago) and that's a lot better and was fun, but...I guess I just don't get the camping thing. A campsite during the day with an evening campfire and then go HOME to sleep sounds good. ;-)

Ryann said...

I think you are my camping soulmate too! Haha love this post :)

Dana Oloff said...

Awwww FLOFF I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. Such a camping trooper

JustPatience said...

Love camping. Getting nostalgic from looking at this.

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Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

It sounds like we need to camp together. I love your recap, I keep chuckling at your comments. And there really is NOTHING better than s'mores!