Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Out & About, Instagram Style

It's been a while since I posted some pictures from my Instagram, but you know what they say... there's no time like the present! :)

On Friday night Rami took me to my very first Bruce Springsteen concert. The air in the stadium was broken and we were literally sitting in the very last row, but it didn't matter - the Boss was AWESOME. I took my sweater off and danced in my tank top for three hours straight.

I walked into work last week and my pal RK was rocking these awesome Betsey Johnson flats. I may have shrieked when she pointed out the soles - they're leopard! 

Saw this little sign hanging on the wall at Simple Things Pie Shop!

I was rocking a tribal-esque arm party for a while - how cute are these? My sister got me the leopard/turquoise bracelet at a boutique in Manhattan, and the two striped bands were a score from H&M. Sadly, I have since lost one of them :( it fell off somewhere over the weekend, I'm so bummed! 

Spent some quality time with this little nugget - he walks and talks now. Such a big boy!

Greene Bean and I were walking home from the Brentwood Farmer's Market on Sunday when we spotted... the BUSTACHE!

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