Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patio Perfection

I was wandering the aisles at Target last week (I didn't buy anything, I swear!) when I happened upon this adorable patio set:


Paired with some brightly flowered pillows and a sunny yellow outdoor rug? Perfection!

It only took a second for me to fall absolutely in love with it. It took just a few more seconds for me to mentally redecorate my entire balcony around it. Here are a few things I think would go perfectly with my future patio pal -- what do you think?


Summer is right around the corner and what could be more perfect than a yellow patio set? Nothing on earth. I love it. I NEED IT. Consider it wish-listed! In the meantime I'll be over here if you need me, dreaming of eating leisurely brunches on my beautifully decorated patio all summer :)

1 comment:

Diana M. said...

LOVE! And especially love that 3-in-1 beverage dispenser! Feel like I must have it! But do I REALLY need it? Oh Jordan, you are a very bad influence! ;-)