Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Red-y or Not, Here I Come

I'm having a red moment and it's surprising me. I typically shy away from red - we all know I'm a pink girl through and through - but lately I've been finding myself drawn to it! At the market over the weekend, I bypassed my usual yellow or blush flowers and picked up a bouquet of crimson Gerber daisies...


And yesterday I got a manicure and when the manicurist asked me for my polish color, I found myself handing her Essie's Fifth Avenue rather than my typical Splash of Grenadine:


It's weirding me out! I don't consider red to be a very "spring" or "summery" color - it usually brings to mind visions of Christmas, to tell you the truth - so I have no idea where this newfound love is coming from or why it's on my mind now. Here are some other red things I'm loving right now:


Like I need another pair of J.Crew ballet flats - but these bow flats are amazing! / The prettiest ruffled swimsuit
A cherry colored ostrich bag? Yes please / More ruffles! I love the back of this tank 
Sky high red wedges / An amazing statement necklace / My friend Grace recently blogged about this amazing shirt (with heart elbow patches!) and I fell in love / A super sleek red dress

Wait a second... don't they say red is the color of love? Maybe that's why I'm feeling it so much these days! :)

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KW said...

I had the SAME exact thing happen to me this AM! I am a PINK girl through and through, but I wore the one red dress I own today and it's put some pep in my step on this RAINY day. My new Essie obsessions is Dramatic Drachmas.