Thursday, May 24, 2012

Still Loving...

A couple months ago I blogged about this dress, which I was planning on wearing to a friend's wedding. Well, you read about the wedding last week, and I have to say, I'm still loving the colorblock trend just as much as before!


And as summer rapidly approaches, I'm realizing there is nothing better than a colorblocked DRESS! It's really the easiest way to wear the trend - a girl wearing all that color needs nothing more than a great pair of earrings and some fabulous shoes to complete the look.

For some reason, all the options I've been loving are my kind of dresses - meaning, in the pink/peach/fuschia/purple family! Look how pretty...


From left to right, dresses by:

I know I already own one and don't need another, but a girl can dream - I'm partial to the Donna Morgan ones in particular. So perfect for summer!

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Ryann said...

LOVE! I need the flores & flores one. You are my go to for fashion inspiration!!