Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shelf Showdown

Yesterday, after poking around on my desktop folders (yes, long before Pinterest I saved inspirational images in obsessively detailed folders on my laptop) and discovering a cache of images from my "Shelves" folder, I was inspired to redecorate one of my bedroom shelves.

But first, the inspiration:

emily, cupcakes & cashmere

source? i cant remember!

amber interior designs

I had a free hour and was kind of restless so I figured why not? Here's what I started with - my apologizes for the dark pictures, this was before my brilliant self remembered to turn the light on:


Books falling off shelves, weird little stuffed animals, outdated photos... not good. The shelf itself is incredible (it's the Leaning Bookshelf from Crate & Barrel and I loooove it - after months of looking at it online, when I went to the store to finally buy it, the floor sample was on sale for 50% off in perfect condition! It's the first thing I bought for my apartment when I moved in four years ago) but everything I had on there was not doing it any favors. Time for an update.

I took everything off the shelves and reorganized. Here's how it looks now:


So much better, right? Neater and cleaner and more colorful (always a huge plus in my book)! I organized all the books by subject (history, chick lit, autobiography, and my favorite genre, food memoirs), swapped out the photos in the frames for newer ones, and added a couple accessories that I had laying around the kitchen, den, and bathroom. Here are the top three shelves:


On the top shelf: $5 orange picture frame from Home Goods, $3 polka dot bowl from TJ Maxx, and a rainbow striped vase from a bouquet my parents sent me on my 21st birthday. The middle shelf holds my bracelet rack, pink leopard mini vase that I painted at Color Me Mine in 2008, and a white picture frame from a Pampa going-out-of-business-sale, while the third shelf is stacked with books, my fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg African bracelet, Urban Outfitters necklace holder, and a $5 zebra striped pig from a flea market. 


I really like the way this shelf (second from bottom) looks now. I styled it with books, an adorable frame my mom gave me years ago, a tiny vase I bought on spring break in Mexico (filled with scent sticks from the Aria hotel!), my mirrored tissue holder, a turquoise picture frame, plus a hamsa from Israel and a little heart knickknack from Santa Fe. I love using items from my travels to decorate!


The bottom shelf was a pain in the butt to get to look decent. So many books, none of which need to be displayed (uhhhh, note to self, hide "Hitler's Death Camps"). I added a few cute things, including my amazing agate bookends (major Home Goods score, $12 for both!) and a purple picture frame, plus another hamsa from Israel. When I move into a new place some of those books can get tucked away but for now this works for me!

Here's another side shot. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda love it. Cleaning and reorganizing things is a huge de-stressor for me and now I get to enjoy the prettiness on top of it! 


Not too shabby for an hour on a Monday afternoon :) What do you think?! 


Georgina said...

I love a gorgeously organized shelf! I just redid mine this weekend :)

Ryann said...

i die for the zebra striped pig. obviously. so good!

Tiffany said...

I love the bracelet rack! I must get one... Right now I'm hiding all my pretty jewelry away in a closet.

Though seriously, I had to comment because I noticed the Hitler's Death Camps book by Konnilyn Feig and had to know how/ehy you got it... I took an honor's seminar with Dr. Feig in college and just loved her classes! This would be the first time I've seen someone reading her book who wasn't in my class so just had to share... :)