Thursday, July 12, 2012

Having A Turquoise Moment

It all started with this dress:


Pssssst, $29.99 on sale online RIGHT NOW! What are you waiting for?!

And then I came across this shoe. Holy mother of god. I'm already begging my mother for odd jobs that I can do around the house in order to get her to buy them for me. It's like, forget the sparkles for once, that turquoise color is INSANE!


It's not like I didn't already love the color, but now I'm freaking obsessed. Everywhere I look there is something turquoise-y and summery that I am convinced I NEED. You agree, right?!


Turquoise and red is such a snazzy combo :) this bracelet is great for layering with others!
Does this not look like the world's comfiest shirt - and the color is INSANE!
Pretty sure there's nothing cooler than a turquoise leather journal
Talk about a statement necklace - turquoise with brass!
I'm DEFINITELY buying these loafers. We all know my love for a tassel!
If you're gonna drop the big $$$ for a fancy tote, why not get it in turquoise ostrich!?
My go-to summer nail polish color - Essie Turquoise & Caicos. Perfect for fingers AND toes!
A little minty bling for your ears - what's not to love?
I have seriously loved this necklace for months. I should just bite the bullet and get it already!

Off to go drool over those Kate Spade heels and paint my nails in the very color above... I'm so productive in the summer :)


Michelle said...

All of this is super pretty!

fifi said...

Agreed obsessed with turquoise as well!!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

You have such great taste {always} and I have been obsessing over turquoise too! It is such a universally flattering color!

Jessica said...

Obsessed with the necklace! It has been in my shopbop cart for weeks now and I just can't get myself to pull the trigger and buy it!