Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday Night Mini Golf

This weekend FLEW BY. I'm happy to report it was jam-packed with lots of fun events - I finally got to visit Ram's beloved camp, had a fun day of mani/pedis with my mom, scored some awesome furniture at Home Goods (for the new apartment I don't have yet), went to my cousin's engagement party, and even squeezed in a trip to the Farmer's Market too!

All of those things were great. But by far the best part of my weekend? Mini golfing!

I don't know about you but I hadn't been mini golfing in YEARS. Probably at least seven or eight years, to be exact. But when our friend Samantha sent out an email to the group suggesting it as a fun Saturday night activity I was allllllll about it!

You guys. It was SO FUN! Eight of us broke into teams ("Shoes" vs "Sandals" was how we divided up the group, and it ended up separating all the couples too, which added a nice competitive edge) and played all 18 holes.

The gentlemen at Hole #1 before the fun began!


Checking out Eric's form...


My turn! Taking it very seriously, obviously.


True or false: I may or may not have hit the ball a little TOO hard and it ricocheted off the course and over onto the grass, causing everyone to shriek and duck down frantically. Rami mayyyy or may not have had a slight heart attack. I say he can't blame me for being enthusiastic.


Ari came too! Jenn and Eric's new baby is only 3 weeks old... but he was such a champ the whole time!


I insisted on a group picture after we had finished with the last hole:


In the end, "Shoes" won, thanks to Cory, who scored AT LEAST four hole-in-ones. In a strange coincidence, Ram and I ended up tying with 62 points each! 


Win or lose, we had a great time - I can't wait to do it again soon!

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