Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Move It Or Lose It

Apologies for my radio silence around here but I am up to my ears in all things moving. My entire life basically looks like this right now:


I hate clutter and mess so you can imagine how thrilled I am and what a pleasure I've been these past few days. I feel like everything I need is packed up in boxes (or Fendi shopping bags - #firstworldproblems), including but not limited to the anti-itch cream that I packed a week ago having not needed it for months. Cue waking up this morning with a HUGE mosquito bite!


On the brighter side, I did drop off a box the size of the state of Rhode Island and SEVEN garbage bags full of clothes and shoes to Goodwill. If you live in Sherman Oaks, run don't walk because half that shit had tags on it! (Note to self: must. stop. shopping. MUST!)

In the meantime please enjoy a thing that is making me happy: the pretty brass lights that are built into the walls of the master bedroom, conveniently located right above where our new nightstands will be going. They're adjustable, have dimmers, are sparkly and shiny, and now I don't have to buy lamps. WIN WIN!

wall lamp

Lovers, please leave an encouraging message in the comments, as tonight I'm tackling the rest of the closet and it may very well kill me! :)

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Anonymous said...

I'll help lighten your moving stress by taking all of your clothes and shoes you're willing to part with...P&T! :)