Friday, August 24, 2012

You've Got Mail

You know when you try a thing, think it's alright, forget it about it for a long time, come across it again and then think it's the COOLEST thing on earth?

That's me right now with Paperless Post. Paperless Post, of all things!

It's not like I've never used it before. I sent out my NYE 2012 Party invitations with Paperless Post, actually.... but I guess I didn't spend too much time browsing through the site. But when it came time to send out birthday dinner invitations (one week til my birthday!!!) I was so over Evite, so I thought I'd play with PLP again. 

And now I'm freaking OBSESSED. I just insisted on GB letting me help her create her birthday party invitation and now I'm very busy picking one out for our upcoming housewarming party (we'll discuss this soon, no worries). I can't help myself - there are so many adorable designs. It's making me want to throw a party every weekend!

Here are some of my favorites:









If you aren't familiar with the Paperless Post website you should DEFINITELY go check it out. Every design is completely customizable with whatever fonts or colors you prefer and they have a ton of free designs too! They're fancy shmancy and easy-as-pie to create. LOVE!

Note: this post was not sponsored by Paperless Post. I just think their website is awesome!

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