Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrating The New Year in New York!

Well hello!

Believe me, it was NOT my intention to take such a long absence. I was supposed to be back in town Tuesday night -- HOWEVER, due to a massive storm that grounded my plane and caused me and Martha Jewart to sit on the JFK runway for three hours before going back to the terminal for another two and a half hours of waiting, I didn't get back in LA til Wednesday. And then life (and unpacking) happened. So please pardon my absence.

With the exception of that little mishap, our trip was great! I flew in late Thursday night and joined my mom and the rest of the fam. Enjoyed some calamari pizza, cuddled with a dog, watched the Kardashians with my grandmother (she complained the whole time), and hung out with my amazing cousins. What could be bad?


Bailey gave me my birthday gift -- this UNREAL Diane von Furstenberg clutch. Words cannot express my love for this bag. Leopard print calfhair? Are you KIDDING ME? My sister is the BEST.


Rami arrived Friday night to join in on all the shenanigans. He and I took the train in to Manhattan on Saturday morning so we could spend the weekend in the city. We were barely there for 24 hours but still managed to have lots of fun. Our first stop? Eataly, obviously. We promptly demolished this amazing cheese & charcuterie platter - it was phenomenal.


Full stomaches and big smiles. I love this picture!


While we were there we also saw The Master in 70mm film, walked around the Village, did a little shopping on 5th Avenue, stopped into Momofuku for some delicious bun action, and of course, hit up Pommes Frites to kill it with some French fries. (Everyone always asks our dipping sauce choices - we got parmesan peppercorn, horseradish, rosemary garlic mayo, and my favorite, sweet mango chutney!)


We met up with some of Rami's friends for brunch on Sunday (hi K! great seeing you!) and afterwards, seeing as we were already uptown (is that proper NYC language? I have no effing idea), I convinced Ram to take me to Laduree!


HELLO DELICIOUSNESS. I got a little six pack of macaron deliciousness in an adorable little keepsake box so my cousins could enjoy them, too. SO GOOD!

Then it was back to Long Island for the remainder of our stay to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. The first night of the holiday my aunt hosted 25 family members at her house for our normal insane family dinner. This was the first time that Ram had met many of them and he was SLIGHTLY overwhelmed to say the least. We're not exactly quiet, in case you haven't figured that out. And speaking of figuring things out... on this trip I learned that Rami LOVES geftilte fish! Is it bad that I nearly refused to share a bed with him later that night? :)

More cousin time...


Silverman ladies all dressed up after temple on Monday. How gorgeous is my mom!? (I'm wearing my favorite grey Anthropologie dress - not online but should be still available in stores - and a rust colored lace blazer from STEINMART of all places. Never say I am not the world's best shopper!)


One of my favorite parts of the weekend was going through old family photos my grandma had brought over from her house in Florida. I took a few home and plan to frame them. Visible proof that I was a weird little kid! 


All in all, a fabulous time. I miss my family on the East Coast already but I was just told that we'll be heading out there for Thanksgiving week... so NYC, I guess I'll see ya again real soon!


Cotton said...

That DVF bag is heavenly!! looks like you had fun!

Diana M. said...

LOL! Aaron's favorite food in the world is gefilte fish and I won't even carry a plate that has it on it - so GROSS!!! So I totally understand you not wanting to sleep in the same bed as Ram after that! I'm with you!

You (and your mom & sis) look fab!

Shana tova!

Deb D. said...

Looks like the best trip!

Luckily, we are a gefilte-free household. I adapted my gnocchi recipe for Passover, and that's what we serve instead of the wretched fishmash.

BTW, met with Rami's dad...thumbs up!! Shana tova to all of you. Let's get together again soon!

Alyze said...

Why does everyone in your family have the best hair ever???? Seriously??? In that first picture you're like "Oh la la look at me and my perfect beachy waves, be jealous"...and I am. I really, really am.

Kat Tanita (With Love From, Kat) said...

LOVE that DVF clutch - I'm your newest follower!


Katie said...

Shout out to me, woohoo! Great seeing you too, and OMG that clutch is amazing. Good sister to have!