Thursday, November 29, 2012

The 2012 JMS Hanukkah Wish List!


The Festival of Lights is just a little over a week away, and I figured it was high time I put out the infamous JMS Hanukkah wish list :) (For those of you who are new here, I invite you to view past lists here, here, and here.)

This year, I will be in Israel for all of Hanukkah, which I'm actually really excited about - I've celebrated lots of other Jewish holidays there but Hanukkah is a new one for me so I can't wait to experience it there. Because I'm leaving in just a couple days, I've been dashing around like a crazy person picking up gifts and wrapping presents for my loved ones here so they can open them while I'm gone!

Anyway - let's just get down to business, shall we? I thought long and hard about what I wanted and in the end, here's what I came up with...


ONE: Maybe the cutest set of pajamas I've ever seen? These are from Target but I swear the gold polka dots make them look like they are by Kate Spade!

TWO: I tried on this dress at J.Crew last week and fell in love. It was crazy flattering and I loved the little raised velvet polka dots - such a cute detail.

THREE: As a lover of beauty products, I'm really intrigued by the idea of a Birchbox subscription, but I'd probably never bite the bullet and buy my own. That's why it would make the perfect gift!

FOUR: Ever since I discovered artist Lulie Wallace I've loved every single of of her pieces. It's high time I own one, don't you think? I love her use of turquoise and hot pink - my two favorite colors - not to mention the abstract yet modern quality of the blooms she paints.

FIVE: This unique flower vase is equal parts rustic and chic - the perfect centerpiece. Pop a bloom in each mini vase and you're good to go! 

SIX: You all know how much I love to cook, and this new release by a blogger I read religiously is a must have. Smitten Kitchen comes out with THE most delicious sounding recipes - I want to add this cookbook to my collection stat!

SEVEN: Funnily enough, this little gold LOVE paperweight was on my list last year too! I have a feeling this time my sister is going to come through :)

EIGHT: I have been drooling over the Joie Huntley Tote for MONTHS. It's lightweight, sophisticated, neutral - everything I want in a new bag. Obsessed is an understatement!

NINE: A friend of mine posted this hilarious t-shirt on my Facebook wall a couple days ago and I laughed out loud. I think I need it - don't you agree!?

Fingers crossed some of these things make their way to me come Hanukkah! I'll keep you all posted. In the meantime, do tell - what are YOU hoping to open this holiday season!?