Friday, February 15, 2013

A Super Sweet V-Day!

Hello lovebirds! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day if that's your thing - I sure did :)

Our celebrations started, as I mentioned, on Wednesday night - dinner at our favorite restaurant, Animal! We went all out and got all our favorites and some new things too - highlights were the poutine with oxtail gravy, a delicious cheese fondue with chorizo and garlic bread, and a truly insane ricotta gnocchi bolognese that was so good we high-fived after eating it. True story!


Thursday I got all decked out in my new UNREAL pink J.Crew shoes for work, paired with a black and white heart printed scarf to really get in the V-Day spirit, but I couldn't sit still at work - all I wanted to do was get home to Ram :) My mom joined me for lunch though, which was really nice, and she bragged about the flowers that Ram had dropped off for her and his mom earlier that morning! #suchagoodboy 

The moment I walked through the door, Ram handed me this HUGE bouquet of flowers! My favorite - Gerber daisies in my favorite color, of course, with some purple orchids thrown in for good measure! 


Next he took me on a little tour of our house, where I had to find the cute little notes he taped up in each room. This one was my favorite:

photo 4

And then, we sat down to exchange cards and gifts. I gave him some fancy pairs of designer socks from our friend's line, Hook + Albert, which I knew he wanted. And he gave me a huge package full of treats from Drybar - new hair products from their new line, and not one, not two, but THREE blowouts!!! I am not kidding when I say I have already booked two appointments. 

photo 3

Also, if any of you know of my insane love for Schmidt from New Girl, you'll know why I was delighted to find a picture of him taped to the outside of one of my cards. LOVE IT.

photo 5

After gifts I made him go hang out in the bedroom so I could start cooking. My menu for the evening? Tomato & mozzarella stacks with truffle oil and balsamic glaze to start, followed by grilled steak with mustard cream sauce and roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes. This was my first time ever cooking steak and I'd give it a B+ - but the rest of the meal was DELICIOUS if I do say so myself, and we could not stop eating the mustard sauce. Do yourselves a favor and make it - here is the recipe - it was so easy and so freaking good!


I even set the table nice and pretty! Usually we eat on the couch while watching TV... not very romantic. (Also not romantic is when I yell about crumbs on the floor. But I digress.)

I also picked up some sweet treats from my favorite bakery, right down the street - Susiecakes! I got us two mini Valentine's Day cupcakes, a slice of carrot cake, and a tiny cherry pie. We were so full from dinner that we barely made it through the cake, though - so perhaps tonight we'll get to the pie? 

photo 1

I am very lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend - he is thoughtful and romantic all the time, not just on Valentine's Day, but he put extra effort into making yesterday very special and I can't help but want to praise him for it publicly - so thank you Ram for going all out and making me feel like such a, I mean queen :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

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designstiles said...

Animal is delicious! I've only been once, but I'm sure the food is still incredible.

I love dry bar. I gifted one blow dry to a friend and totally fell for the, you should buy three and save money. So one for friend and two for me!