Friday, February 22, 2013

Tucson Or Bust!

By the time you read this, I will be on my way to one of my favorite places in the entire world...

Tucson, Arizona!!!

A few months ago, my best friends from college started tossing around the idea of a reunion. It's been years since we were all together back in our old stomping grounds, so a plan was hatched, a weekend was chosen, flights were booked, hotels and rental cars were reserved, and of course, dinner reservations made :)

We have lots of fun activities planned - my friends Julie and Stacy even made a special itinerary and they were NOT screwing around, this thing is comprehensive as hell. Here are some highlights...

This afternoon at 4:00pm we will be "joining hands and singing "Beardown Arizona" as we walk through the gates of campus holding hands" (yes, all 11 of us.)

This will be followed by a visit to our sorority house, where apparently banana bread and frozen lemonade (what our chef was known for... yep) will be waiting for our arrival. Note: I am unsure if this will actually be happening as I was apparently supposed to ask our house mom if this was possible. I didn't... because she hates me. Oops.

Tonight we will be visiting our favorite bar, Dirtbags, which will be glorious. I don't drink alcohol anymore but I may be persuaded to order one or four of my old standby, vodka cran. The itinerary is MORE detailed when it comes to "after bar snacks" - namely, Silvermine's Subs, Pita Pit, or Papa Johns are all mentioned by name AND phone number. So helpful!

These are just a tiny part of the itinerary - I'm sure you can imagine how hilarious the rest of it is! (And speaking of hilarious, I hope you enjoy the old pictures I'm pulling out of the archives to go along with this post. WE WERE SO YOUNG!!! And our fashion sense was so... questionable.)

I literally have been counting down the days for the past two weeks and I'm so happy our reunion is finally here! BEARDOWN ARIZONA! Hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will!!! 

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