Friday, March 1, 2013

27 For 27 Update!

Here's a fun fact about me - I don't have a half birthday! My birthday is August 31st, and there is no February 31st. So, sometime between last night and this morning, I turned 27 and a half! Haha. 

Many of you may remember that last year on my birthday I set 27 goals to accomplish during my 27th year. In honor of this momentous half birthday occasion, I thought I'd update you all on how my little "27 For 27" project is going!

1. Travel to a state I've never visited before. Haven't done it yet, but plans for a trip to Seattle or Charleston are currently underway!

2. Attend a concert for a band I'm not familiar with.
3. Try 5 new foods I've never eaten before.
4. Make my boyfriend happy by selecting one movie per month that I've never seen before from his massive film collection and watch it together (12 movies total!) Oy… Ram is going to KILL me if I don't accomplish this one. 
5. Make something in the kitchen from scratch - bread, cheese, cake, or pie? Check! I made an apple pie from scratch with the help of my friend Cary. It took a long time but it was ridiculously good.

6. Try a new exercise or workout class. I got a postcard offering me a free Soulcycle class and I want to try it, but I am TERRIFIED. 
7. Completely redecorate my mom's office! 
8. Do something different with my hair (temporary OR permanent). Check! I went redder! 
9. Go on a food tour in my own city - I've always wanted to do one of these!
10. Make something in my crockpot (got it as a gift 2 years ago, have never opened it) Check! When Gerrick was in town in October she helped me make beef stew. Ram went nuts for it. 

11. Find the perfect red lipstick and wear it out on the town at least once!
12. Refurbish or update a piece of furniture I've thrifted or bought from a vintage shop.
13. Host a "bruncheon" - I have people over for dinner parties all the time but for some reason brunch scares me! Check! I've actually hosted three or four brunches, including my last Post-Holiday White Elephant Party!

14. Take a dance class with Ram (and let him lead) :)
15. Spend an afternoon volunteering. 
16. Perform in public (did yall know I used to sing?) Check! I performed at a benefit for my synagogue back in November. I was terrified - hadn't sung in public in years - but I did it!
17. Do a DIY fashion project.
18. Guest blog on another site for another blogger (pssst, will need help with this one!) 
19. Do omakase at a sushi bar - I've always wanted to!
20. Watch an old TV series from beginning to end/catch up on a current series. Currently halfway through Arrested Development and it is HILARIOUS. Maybe I'll watch some more episodes this weekend. 
21. Make a piece of art and hang it in our new apartment!
22. Cook and eat dinner at home every night for a week straight (Monday-Friday).
23. Surprise my sister and my mom with something special. Halfway check! When my mom took me to Hawaii I surprised her with a painting class on the beach. I need to figure something out for Bay ASAP…
24. Read at least 12 new books (I'm actually low-balling it here... did yall know I'm a speedreader? I could easily go through 12 books in a single month!) Check (in progress, of course)! I'm actually ahead of the game right now - I've read nine in the past few months. My favorite by far was World War Z - if you're a historical fiction fan, go pick it up! 
25. Successfully accomplish another NO SHOPPING MAY. 
26. Send out a holiday card in December (I've always wanted to! If R refuses I think I will send them out by myself!) Check! We didn't get our shit together in time to send out a real card but on New Years Eve last year we sent out this cute little card via Paperless Post. 

27. Send a secret to Postsecret.

Okay. So as you can see, I really need to get on it! Some of these I can't accomplish til a certain date (NO SHOPPING MAY, for example), some I'm in the middle of, moving right along (books, TV show, planning a trip to a state I've never been to), and some depend on the kindness of others (guest blogger - i'm available! - and my mom making a decision about her office - get on that, mother). 

I am MOSTLY confident in my ability to do this thing like a boss. So cross your fingers for me and if you have any ideas for some of these, I want to hear them!!! 

Happy weekend friends! XO

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Laura C said...

You will love Soul Cycle. I strongly dislike working out and cannot follow an instructor/ class to save my life. The room is dark (no one can see or judge you) and the music is amazing. It's fun, you sweat a ton and the post-workout high is unbeatable.