Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amazing Arizona

Hello friends! Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Let me tell you - it was quite hard to go back to a normal week of work after having that luxurious long weekend off. Especially since we spent four straight days basically doing nothing but laying by the pool and lounging around the hotel in Arizona. #takemebackrightnow #iwanttobeonperpetualvacation

I am seriously already dreaming of the next time we can go back. The Four Seasons in Scottsdale is absolutely breathtakingly GORGEOUS and the staff is so, so nice. Here are some fun pictures from our little getaway!

I took this photo the very first day. Looking at it is making me VERY jealous that my mom is still there enjoying this beautiful view!


Quick snap before heading out to the pool, day 1:


Quick snap before heading out to the pool, day 2. This is the first time I'm actually wearing that ensemble as it's intended... as a cover up! Usually I wear it out at night with a slip underneath :) Haha.


Every day for lunch we ate at the little restaurant by the pool - you know, so we didn't have to take our bathing suits off even for a second! I had the fish tacos every day and they were delish. 


My friend Rachel was in town at the same time as we were... she came up to the hotel one afternoon to swim and lay out and it was lovely to see her :)


We indulged in fancy shmancy drinks while laying on our chaises.... everybody got margaritas and pina coladas but since I don't drink, I got an Oreo smoothie. It was perfection!


We ate at some great restaurants for dinner while we were there - my beloved North, Tavolata in the Four Seasons, and the delicious Cowboy Ciao. At CC we got pork belly and homemade waffles - UNREAL! 


Me and my cute boy at dinner one night:


Before heading to the airport we realized we hadn't taken a single group photo the whole weekend. Behold, the only one we managed to squeeze in... it's actually pretty cute!


Who wants to drop everything and go back to Scottsdale with me?! I know Ram and my sister are totally down. Can't wait for our next trip out there!


Jenny said...

i wear that leopard "coverup" as a dress too! ha. also, why are the fish tacos and guac at the four seasons so addictive? you have totally inspired me to make the trek to arizona for my next vacay.

Anonymous said...

Who makes that cute purple coverup?!

Peri said...

Hey... love your dresses! Where did you buy the purple and zebra?