Thursday, May 2, 2013

Had To Have It: New Summer Sandals

Yes, it’s ironic that I’m posting a “Had To Have It” post the day after I announce the start of NO SHOPPING MAY. I promise I am not lying when I tell you I bought these sandals last week, well before the ban began!

I’ve been on the lookout for some new cute summer sandals for a while, ever since my go-to sandals from a few years ago literally broke ON my feet a couple of months ago. It was a sad day. Options have been limited until recently, but I’m excited that now lots of stores have tons of styles in - that’s what nice weather will do for you, everyone is excited to buy a pair of sandals and show off their new pedicures (and get started on tanning their legs)! 

RF and I were in Nordstrom last week - their shoe department is the best - and I was determined to leave with a new pair of shoes. I ran around trying a bunch on and in the end, these were the winners!

I like these Franco Sarto sandals because they’re super basic - just plain leather - with a little extra embellishment - the metallic strap in back. They’re very comfortable - I’ve worn them a few times already and haven’t experienced any rubbing or blisters. 

I cannot tell a lie... I like them so much, I bought them in two colors - black AND camel brown! They also come in a pretty platinum color and pink so if you need a new pair of summer sandals, you’ve got a whole bunch of options :)

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Unknown said...

Im going to buy them!!! love you!!