Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NO SHOPPING MAY: Round Three, Here We Go

Ugh, it's that time again.

NO SHOPPING MAY is back and I am not pleased. 

You longtime readers will know this is the third year in a row I'm attempting this - see the first year's announcement here and last year's here - and one of my "27 in 27" things to accomplish this year was another successful NO SHOPPING MAY. I managed to do it two years in a row, so can the third year really be that bad?

But actually, I have a feeling the third time is not going to be the charm - in fact, why do I have a feeling it's actually going to be the hardest? I've got a lot of stuff/updates/changes going on right now and I could totally see myself using shopping as a pleasant distraction... major bummer.

As a reminder, I'm posting the general rules...

1. No shopping. None. No buying things from malls, online, from catalogues - nada.
2. There is an exception to the rule - gift cards! I HOARD gift cards for some reason - maybe subconsciously prepping for this month - and allow myself to shop using a gift card, since that means I'm not spending any money. However - the entire cost must be covered by the gift card. Not a single dollar can go towards the purchase.
3. Gifts are allowed (hell, and welcomed!) But it's not okay to ask someone to buy you something and promise to pay them back. Nope.

I love how I take these rules so seriously, when I'm the one who invented them/did this to myself! Haha. But I am adding one addendum...

This year, if I absolutely must, I can buy one thing. I have a feeling I'll probably use that little "emergency clause" because we have a billion weddings and showers coming up and I've been on the hunt for a new dress. I'm not saying I DEFINITELY will buy something during NSM, just saying that I'm allowing myself the option if need be. 

Anyway... that's that. Blah. Hmph. Leave me a note of encouragement in the comments... or join me! Strength in numbers, right?!


Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

Oh mannnn now you've kinda inspired me. Crap.

Are you allowed to buy gifts for other people?

Laura C said...

This is a seriously hard challenge. I actually tried to do this for April and had really great results for the first two weeks.. And then all the friggin' Friends & Family sales hit, and well... I had to shop in order to save! Timing is everything.
Good luck!!

Katie said...

Does a puppy count?

Lauren Elizabeth Dougherty said...

I've given up shopping for lent a couple times. I failed this year when I "accidentally" bought a rug on ebay. I also got some monogrammed running shorts because, you know, NEEDED THEM. I have to say May would have to be one of the hardest months. It's such a weather transition (well maybe not in LA so much?), and warmer-weather clothes are so much cheaper, therefore more justifiable. Plus, SANDALS. Sorry this is like the worst encouragement ever, but only because I am sure that my shopping habits rival yours and I totally get it. Sometimes, I realize just how much I love THINGS and it's like I need to make myself take a break from the crazy "" impulses. But you can totally do it :)