Thursday, June 13, 2013

A San Fran Bachelorette

Hey friends! I am ridiculously excited because tomorrow morning, I am heading south to Houston for the weekend for a little reunion with my best pals. Cannot wait!

However, before I go on the NEXT trip, I realized I never blogged about the LAST trip. Oops. I spent last weekend in San Francisco celebrating my dear friend Ashley’s impending nuptials at her bachelorette extravaganza!


With the beautiful bride-to-be! I am obsessed with this picture!

Ashley’s maid-of-honor planned an awesome weekend – no detail was left undone. I arrived early early early Saturday morning to join the group (most people had arrived the night before) and immediately hopped on the party bus we had rented to take us wine tasting. Awesome.

We visited three wineries throughout the day and they were freaking adorable. I realized I have never actually gone wine tasting properly, like at an actual vineyard! And yes, I still technically haven’t, because I don’t drink… but it was still super fun. How gorgeous is this first one we visited – Paradise Winery? I am obsessed with the huge LOVE sculpture on their property.


And a cute little group shot outside the first one:


Between the first and the second wineries, we traveled through the FREAKING ADORABLE town of Sonoma and I fell in love. Ashley’s MOH had arranged for us all to have little picnic boxes ready from a bakery, and we took them to a little park and ate on the floor, sitting crosslegged, summer camp style. Loved it.

Here’s our table from the second winery, Gloria Ferrer Winery:


Our last winery also offered olive oil tastings! Don’t worry, I was able to partake in that :)


After returning from our day of wine tasting and resting for a bit, we headed out for dinner at Out The Doors in the city. It was INSANE. Delicious, modern, upscale Vietnamese food… what could be better? We sat at a long table and shared everything. Here’s our side of the table – so fun!


The rest of the evening was spent inside the hotel, where we all packed into the suite in our pajamas to play bridal games and surprise Ashley with some fun honeymoon-related gifts! I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. We also may have enjoyed some of these delicious mini cupcakes…. #yum


Before I left on Sunday afternoon, I did have time to squeeze in one meal with my beloved Floff! She and her boyfriend Scotty took me to a delicious brunch and a spin around a little Farmer’s Market before taking me to the airport. I couldn’t help but drool over the tomatoes – I do love me a farmer’s market…


And I do love me some Floff :)


It was a whirlwind trip – I was barely there for 36 hours – but we packed a ton of fun into the weekend. I was so happy to be able to celebrate Ashley – fun fact: she and I met on our 2010 Birthright trip…. Which is ALSO where she met her fiancée Stevie! Thank god we all got selected for the same trip together… otherwise she would never have met her fiancée, and I never would have made a new friend for life :)

The wedding is Labor Day weekend… I cannot wait!!!


Jayme said...

I LOVE your black dress you wore wine tasting. Details please!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

LOVE the pic of you two ladies!! So beautiful!!

KW said...

Pretty sure I have your dress from the wine tasting pics, so comfy! looks like we're #twinsies again this summer ( J Crew one shoulder dress last summer 2012!)