Monday, September 16, 2013

Our First Go With the Registry Gun

Hi pups! Hope ya'll had a great weekend. We spent Friday and Saturday in temple for Yom Kippur (#leastfavoriteJewishholiday #constanthunger #oopsIbrokethefastat330pm) but yesterday we got to do something really fun.... 



Our first stop was Crate & Barrel - they just came out with new items the other day and when I got the catalogue in the mail, I got so excited I wanted to go there immediately!

I LOVE looking through registries and seeing the things people choose to start their lives together :) so I thought it might be fun to show you some of the things I'm most excited for!

You all know me... I cannot do anything boring or simple. I love the idea of basic white plates so I can dress them up with different colored funky placemats, napkins, etc, but I couldn't just do a plain round white one and call it a day. Instead, I chose these for our new every day plates and I am OBSESSED! The wavy edges are so pretty and delicate, but the plates themselves are sturdy and large. We also registered for the matching salad plates, but I didn't love the matching bowls, so we're going with basic white round bowls instead. I am also excited that there are matching platters!


Speaking of funky napkins... I loved these. I am such a sucker for bright colors and this napkin print just made me so happy. I think they'll look so nice on our white plates with a big chunky white napkin ring at future dinner parties!


One of the things we were MOST excited to register for was a rice cooker. These days I consider myself to be a pretty good cook but for some reason, the thing I burn EVERY TIME is basic white rice! I've wanted a rice cooker for ages and am crossing my fingers for one of these :)


For the most part, I registered for real necessities, but when I saw this awesome "Table in a Bag" I had to add it to our list. It's so clever - a fold up picnic table in a handy little bag! This will be awesome for the beach, picnics, or nights at the Hollywood Bowl. Such a fun little gift!


We were there for a little over an hour and R was PSYCHED the whole time because - duh - he got to shoot the registry gun. Men... so predictable :) He only made gun noises ("peeeee-OW!" "peeee-OW!") a couple times though so overall he was relatively well-behaved :)

photo 1

Also could not resist making him put his face near the "ramekin" signs. He's such a trooper :)

photo 2

C&B was only the first stop on our list, I think we are also going to register at Macy's and Bloomingdales. In the meantime, I would love some advice from all of you... where did you register? What were your favorite things you registered for and what would you change if you could? Any and all advice is appreciated :) thanks ya'll! 


Jayme said...

I feel like I could just email you but it's fun to get comments on the blog, right? I think you're dead-on with the stores you've chosen. C&B is awesome and they send you a nice coupon after your wedding to complete your registry purchases! I think it's something like 15-20% off? We ended up buying our bar with it (which of course, three years later I'm ready to swap it for a chic barcart!) Macy's is also really great because they have a great return policy and also allow you to take home a percentage of the money spent on items purchased from your registry in the form of a giftcard! They also send a ton of promo coupons to help you scoop up any registry stragglers once your wedding date has passed. We registered at Williams-Sonoma but honestly found most of what we wanted (and for less) at C&B so although it's a gorgeous store, I think we could have passed on that. In terms of Bloomies, I do have a friend who registered there and she may or may not have exchanged some wedding gifts for shoes... I'm just sayin :)

Marta said...

Weird thing I love: My egg cooker (poached, hard/softboiled)... I don't really know how to hard boil eggs and this I can just set while I shower in the morning!

Thought I'd love/never use: stone molcajete from Williams Sonoma. Nary an avocado has touched that thing. Maybe I put some chips in it once? It's too heavy to take down from it's high perch.

Can't get enough: Serving platters! Love them all!

I also wish we got a keurig vs. a standard coffee maker now, but I was VERY PRO standard coffee maker when we registered...

julee said...

cookware...order BOTH a set you like AND open stock... anything you get too much of can be returned..and you also make sure you actually get what you want. the best part about the registries is the ability to go in online and add more items.

also...consider registering somewhere (AAE perhaps) for Judaica. It is nice to have things that are yours together...things to pick out that can be used over and over.

Diana M. said...

Perfect day for this post as today is my 18th wedding anniversary! :-)

Depending on how important it is to you, register for a LOT of china/silver/crystal, etc. Service for 12 is insanely inadequate and while I didn't really use any of it for a few years after we got married, I spent a lot of time trolling e-bay for additional sets of china because when we now have Rosh Hashanah dinner for 26, we have the china for it! And it's tough to spend that $$$ on it! Better to get it as gifts!

And Marta is right about serving platters - you can't get enough! and Julee is right about cookware. DO NOT SKIMP HERE! Get the best - get the one you love! You'll be cooking in them 20 years from now! ;-)

Also, register for great knives! Cooking is so much easier with good knives! (That's why Top Chefs bring their own!)

And get at least one (maybe two?) big Le Creuset Dutch oven. OMG - they are so amazing! They are $$$ and heavy as heck, but the way they cook can not be compared. If you ever plan to make family brisket, etc., you want this. And now Le Creuset comes in so many fun colors! :-)

Speaking of fun colors, if you don't have one already, you must get a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Must! And a food processor! Simply couldn't live without it!

Wow! I'm not sure where to stop, so I'll stop there. So much fun!!! Enjoy!

Kate said...

So cute. I really like the white plates, I think food looks best on them.

A few thoughts from my registry:

If you register for towels from Bloomies, and want them monogrammed, do not let them try to charge you. This service is included if you have a registry, but a lot of the associates don't know this.

All of the little random baking tools have been one of the gifts I use the most! Along with my Kitchenaid, of course. which brings me to..

Amazon Universal Registry! If there's something you like at Anthro or Jonathan Adler, you can put it on here. People actually bought us stuff off of it too, and now we have an awesome Horchow tiered cookie server and Jonathan Adler bookends.

Register for good knives. Not just steak knives, but all purpose chef's knives, we use ours for everything. Sur La Table and WS have a great selection of Shuns.

Have fun!

Ali said...

Love this post-- registry is super fun! Definitely register for things you will use forever-- really nice cook and bakeware, roasting pan, great knives, china, stemware etc. Pick luxurious things you might not buy for yourself. We did a few registries including Bed, bath, and beyond-- I liked theirs because 1. guests can use a 20% off coupon and 2. you can return for cash. So if you get something you end up not having space for/changing your mind about then you have a little extra $ for the honeymoon. Also Macy's and Bloomie's are great because their home stuff goes on sale all the time. Have fun!!