Thursday, January 16, 2014

Engagement Celebrations Begin NOW!

So this is very exciting and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it until now. Saturday night is our engagement party!!!

This is our first OFFICIAL wedding-related event and I am very excited. I can’t believe we have been engaged for almost five months! Crazy how time flies.

My sister arrives tonight. Tomorrow, a whole bunch of my extended family is coming in from New York and I have friends flying in from Dallas, Memphis, and San Francisco. My grandma’s been in town for weeks already and Rami’s grandparents are taking the train in from San Diego. We feel so lucky that so many people are coming in to help celebrate with us :)


I’ve planned several posts for next week to fill you in on all the fabulous details – the invitations! the food! the sparkly details! the DRESS!!!  I hired a photographer to come to the party so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll have some photos back next week so I can post those too.

Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend! XOXO

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