Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Girls

Obviously the day after the Golden Globes means I need to write about celebrity style! I was allllllll about the red carpet yesterday - drinking iced tea, tweeting, and shouting at Ryan Seacrest for hours. We had a couple friends over for an antipasto platter, veggies and dip, and of course, some pizza :) I thought the show was great and quick and of course, Amy & Tina KILLED IT - I could have used twenty more minutes of them onstage!

Here are some of my favorites from the red carpet :)

Julianna Marguilies
I love, love, LOVE the silhouette of this dress - I love the short sleeves and the full skirt, and her waist looks TINY in this.The gold details are beautiful and her hair looked perfect.

Margot Robbie 
True story: when we went to see "Wolf of Wall Street", as soon as Margot Robbie appeared onscreen, I turned to Rami and whispered "Jesus Christ, that girl is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." She looked stunning at the Globes last night... I looooved the gorgeous sparkly beaded trim! A seriously gorgeous girl in a seriously gorgeous dress.

Lena Dunham
Love her or hate her - I love her - you cannot deny that Lena makes a statement wherever she goes. And speaking of statements... her electric yellow dress was awesome. I continue to be impressed by how she legitimately does not give a shit about her haters - she says and does and wears whatever she wants to, and I, for one, LOVE her confidence. I just wish she'd get her dress properly fitted, especially if it's going to be this vivid!

Kaley Cuoco
I do not watch Big Bang Theory so I am not quite sure what her deal is usually, but I absolutely LOVE her dress. The contrast between that severe built-in corset and then her full, poofy ballgown skirt, all in that gorgeous soft flowered palette? LOVE. That's the type of dress I would wear if I went to the Globes!

Amy Poehler
Loose, beautiful hair. Minimal makeup. And one kick-ass sexy-as-fuck tight black dress. Amy... you killed it. There's nothing else to say.

Honorable mentions: Reese Witherspoon (that color was MADE for her), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (she can do no wrong), Lupita Nyong'O (insane red, insane cape), Sarah Paulson (short and sparkly, different and fun), and Sandra Bullock (am I the only one who liked that crazy colorblocked dress?!)
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Golden Globes 2014... that's a wrap! NOW BRING ON OSCAR SUNDAY!!!!!!

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bailey said...

i feel obliged to comment on this post, not because it is regarding fashion, but because i disagree with everything you, my sister, have written!!!! it is no wonder we have completely different wardrobes bc we have completely different tastes. the fact that you failed to mention MY GIRL olivia wilde is horrendous and i am offended. i think julianna margolis was yawn-boring and kaley cuoco's little garden fairy dress was NOT GOOD!!!! also, if you didn't watch e! pre game (countdown to the R.C) you missed the number one look of the night, Catt Saddler's custom made Paola Sebastian dress. I have pinned and bookmarked the shit out of this designer for my - cough #wedding --sorry JM. Sandra bullock, yuck!!!
agreed about tina fey and amy poehler. they kept calling tom hanks TAM HONKS and i just kept belly laughing.
love you!