Friday, February 28, 2014

Ready for The Red Carpet!

Pals, sorry for the light posting lately. Lots of things going on over here. I promise to try and be better in the future! 

Today is gloriously, finally Friday and I couldn't be more excited... my dear friend Stacy is coming into town today for the weekend! She lives in Denver and has been freezing her butt off the past few months - every time we talk on the phone, I brag about the gorgeous weather here in LA, so she finally booked a ticket. Great, right? Yup - except the biggest rainstorm in years will be hitting LA this weekend. Poor Stace. We'll still manage to have fun, even if it has to be indoors!

I'm also super excited because THIS WEEKEND IS MY SUPERBOWL!!!! Yes friends, Sunday is the Academy Awards and I am SO excited! You all know Ramz and I are huge movie fans and this is our favorite night of the year. A few friends are coming over, I have grand plans to make a cheese platter, and I cannot wait to live-tweet the red carpet. I guarantee you won't want to miss my snarky commentary on whatever god-awful ensemble Anne Hathaway shows up in...

Speaking of the red carpet, I'm leaving you with this little graphic I thought was awesome - a hand-drawn history of every dress worn by each year's Best Actress Winner! So cool. I cannot wait to see what everyone is wearing this year!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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