Thursday, February 13, 2014

Warm Weather Wishlist

I'm really sorry for all of you who are freezing your tushes off on the East Coast. Maybe we can switch places? Cuz it's 80 FRIGGIN DEGREES HERE IN LOS ANGELES AND I FOR ONE WOULD LIKE TO WEAR MY CUTE BOOTS AND SWEATERS.

Okay. Maybe I shouldn't yell. I will admit it's kind of nice to eat lunch outdoors on the patio and take leisurely strolls in sundresses and flipflops and sleep with the air conditioning on (all things I have done in the past week).  But here's what the warm weather is doing - it's making me want to start shopping for spring! The stores are full of adorable patterns and bright colors and soft pastels and I'm loving it all :) 

Here are some of the things I have my eye on!

I love maxiskirts. I love the color turquoise. And oh boy do I love leopard print. Therefore, I consider this skirt from Anthropologie to be a total no-brainer. WANT NEED.

I'm gonna go ahead and deem this a mullet shirt - business in the front, party in the back. ASOS keeps killing it with their dresses and this is no exception.

Oh hello, adorable J.Crew tunic. I love your embroidered detailing and subtle stripes. Get in my closet, please.

I am really feeling these Baublebar earrings. I love the shimmery, opalescent stones and unusual shape. So pretty!

Okay, I must admit this is not on my wishlist... because I've already purchased it! It's made out of the softest lightweight material, which means it'll be perfect for spring, but the best part of it is hands-down the little asymmetrical ruffle. It's so sassy! (I think Anthro is sold out online of mine, but this one is super similar!)

Look at this little J.Crew cuff! Love the gold studs on the lucite - so chic.

I'm alllllllll about some new ballet flats for spring. Especially if they come in a gorgeous pale shade of lavender :)

Okay, okay, I purchased this too. I'm considering wearing it for our engagement pictures - more on that to come! I have always loved long, light, kimono-esque cardigans and tops, and I couldn't resist this one with its beautiful colors and awesome pattern.

There's NOTHING about this Kate Spade necklace I don't love. Sparkly bright gemstones? Yes please.

I KNOW, I KNOW, I OWE YOU A FULL BRITNEY RECAP!!!! Coming soon, I promise. Spoiler alert: it was awesome and she is my queen. In the meantime, stay warm if you're on the East Coast, and enjoy the sunshine if you're in LA like me :)


Amy said...
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Amy said...

The link to eight doesn't work. Love this kimono. what is it? xo