Monday, March 17, 2014

Espadrille, Baby, Drill

It all started with a shoe. 

This one, to be exact. 

I saw it online and fell in love. I had to make it mine. Luckily this was right after I returned home from the Britney-in-Vegas extravaganza where I spent the few precious minutes I was NOT singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" sitting at a slot machine. It paid off. The shoes are now coming to live with me.

And now I'm kinda obsessed with espadrilles. They're the new thing, apparently - cuz they're everywhere, in every store, in all colors and patterns and materials. And I want every single one of them. As a lifelong lover of ballet flats, this new trend is right up my alley and I can't wait to add some more pairs to my closet - they're the perfect shoe to wear with some skinny jeans or black pants and a silk blouse, or even a pretty sundress. 

While making this snazzy little collage I swear I looked at a billion pairs and loved them all. Gonna get shopping ASAP!

ONE: Two-toned pink. INTO IT.
TWO: Wait. I freaking love these. Basic black leather... I would LIVE in these.  
THREE: How do I not own these? Black and white animal print goes with everything!
FOUR: So weird they're cool. I seriously might buy these. I love stripes and polka dots so freakin much.
FIVE: An adorable - and more affordable! - version of the ones I bought.
SIX: Hot. Pink. Calf hair. Enough said.
SEVEN: Mullet espadrilles! Business AND party shoes at the same time. 
EIGHT: I am fully obsessed with the neon yellow lace. Could also see myself buying these for real.
NINE: You cannot go wrong with black and white stripes. 


So to recap... I am seriously considering purchasing five of the nine above pairs. 

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