Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Engagement Picture Photo Shoot

Yesterday I showed you some of our engagement pictures. To say I am obsessed is an understatement - we had so much fun taking those pictures and now we get to remember what an amazing day it was every time we look at those beautiful images!

I always love looking at my friends' engagement pictures. I feel like engagement pictures offer a real glimpse into who the engaged couple really is - you can tell their style, they usually get to do an outfit change, they're more relaxed since it's not their actual wedding day... and when it came time for us to do ours, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

On any given night, Rami and I are at the movies. We go during the week, we go to early afternoon matinees, we go for date nights on weekends, we do double headers... we love the movies. So it was a total no-brainer to see if we could try and take some of our engagement photos in an actual movie theater. I wasn't 100% confident it was going to happen... but then I called The Landmark Theater, which is our favorite theater, and after some explaining and mentioning that one of our first dates was at their theater and how we are probably solely responsible for half of their salaries due to spending all of our money on movie tickets, they so very kindly granted us access one early Monday morning before the theater officially opened and VOILA! We were in.

We had a whole theater to ourselves for nearly two hours and we made the most of it. The theater manager turned on a roll of previews and we watched those and posed and smiled and kissed and ate some popcorn (until I dropped the whole bag... oops) and it was just freaking awesome. On our way out, we even stopped by the concession stand and took a couple pictures there! It was everything I had imagined it - it felt unique and so very "us" and just a really cool thing I'll always, always remember.

Next we headed to Temescal Gateway Park in the Palisades! You all know R and I are not exactly outdoorsy so we left this location up to Amy and Stuart :) they shoot there often and recommended it to us and boy were they on the money! It was gorgeous and breezy and not crowded and a little girl stopped to compliment me on my sparkly dress :)

Speaking of dresses, I thought long and hard about these ensemble choices! I wanted our outfits to look like a real reflection of us and I wanted them to compliment each other. For the movie theater pictures, I wore my favorite jeans, a long silk black tunic, black suede Pour La Victoire wedges, and a fun H&M polka dot cardigan (similar here). Rami wore his favorite Seven jeans (and by that I mean MY favorite), an adorable grey tweed blazer with elbow patches, Converse sneakers, and the pink shirt he wore when he proposed :)

 I HAD to get our Anthro mugs in there. I love using them!

Our next outfit change was what I like to call our "patriotic" look :) - I found this gorgeous red lace dress (similar one here) at Nordstrom and paired it with my favorite gold Moroccan earrings and the same PLV wedges in nude. I bought Rami a new navy J.Crew gingham shirt to go with his new navy suede lace-ups... so coordinated! And finally, I knew I had to get some glitter in there somewhere.... the navy ASOS sequined dress was perfect. I wore a new J.Crew rhinestoned necklace and sparkly high heels (similar here), and R wore a crisp white shirt and a navy blazer. I loved all three outfit choices!

We are so grateful to our wedding photographers, Amy and Stuart, for taking these pictures. Unlike most wedding photographers, an engagement portrait session isn't included in their package... but since everyone says that you spend the entire day of your wedding with your photographers, Rami and I thought it was important that we do this little photo-shoot before the actual wedding so we could get to know them better and get a better sense of their shooting style. We didn't expect that we would spend the entire day laughing and joking around with them, and leave after four hours feeling like they were our new best friends! Our wedding has not even happened yet and we already feel so confident and comfortable with them... they are true artists and couldn't be kinder. LA residents... call them!

Haven't had enough yet? :) There's more where that came from... Click here for the full album! 

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