Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beauty Buys

I’m usually not one to try a whole bunch of new beauty products - I have my “tried and true” favorites, which I’ve stuck to faithfully for years, only occasionally branching out to try something new.

But for some reason or another, I’ve found myself with a handful of new additions to my makeup case - and since I’m really liking all of them, I figured I’d share them all with you!

For the life of me I can’t remember what inspired me to pick this up... but I am so glad I did! I don’t use foundation, just bronzer and a little concealer if needed, but my skin had been looking a little flat in pictures and I wanted to brighten it up. Enter this highlighter. It’s creamy and a little sparkly - I dab a little bit under my eyes (careful, it comes out fast) and blend it in up towards my cheekbones and follow it with my bronzer. It has done WONDERS for making my skin look fresh and glowing - I love it!

I first read about this body oil on my friend Nicolette’s blog - she raved about it and I was instantly intrigued. I ADORE the scent of Moroccan Oil products - sort of musky and sexy - but I have oily skin, so I was nervous about the idea of putting more oil on it. I really should not have worried - this stuff is amazing. I mix a couple sprays with my regular body lotion and put it all over my body. Maybe this is TMI - but I’ve always had kinda rough and gross elbows, and after a couple of weeks of using this oil on them, they are SO soft. My mom didn’t believe me til I made her feel them... and she made me order her a bottle on the spot!

I have been a devoted fan of Smashbox liquid eyeliner for years, and admit to accidentally assuming that this Stila one was the same and sweeping it into my bag at Sephora. I was wrong, but I’m kinda glad I was - this type of liquid eyeliner (with the felt-tip) is so easy to use and this smoky grey color is so pretty for when you want something a little subtler than black. 

A couple months ago I needed a new mascara, and tried a couple from Sephora that I didn’t love and ended up returning. The sales associate recommended I try this Two Faced mascara, and now I’m hooked. I never like having to choose between whether or not I want mascara that gives me “long” or “volume” or “thick fringe” - I want it all! This shiny pink tube (which is surprisingly heavy) makes my eyelashes look long, thick, AND full of volume.

So those are my new beauty bag additions! If you end up trying any of these, let me know how you like them! And if you have any amazing beauty finds you think I should try, I want to hear about them!


Katie said...

Oooh very curious about the body oil. Does it feel slimy on your hands afterwards?

My contribution: Laura Mercier pressed powder, which is a revelation, and Fresh tinted lip treatments, a very moisturizing substitute for lipstick.

Natalie Fainberg said...

i use 3/4 of these!!