Monday, July 21, 2014


So a full week has passed since I returned from my #bacheloraff extravaganza. It basically took me this entire time to catch up on sleep – after five amazing days in Arizona, I was wiped but WOW was it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to give you all a full recap, but since I think I took close to 400 pictures throughout the weekend, I’m gonna have to break it up into a couple different posts :) Suffice it to say it was one of the best weekends of my entire life. My favorite city + my favorite people + celebrations for ME = my idea of heaven on earth!!!

I flew to Tucson on Wednesday morning and met two of my best pals there. Julie is a teacher and Gerrick C. is a nurse so they had flexible schedules and how could we NOT spend more time in Tucson?!  

They arrived before me… when I came out to the curb, this is what I was greeted with! Great start to the weekend :)

From there, we went straight - no stopping - to Beyond Bread, AKA our favorite restaurant ever and probably the place where I spent 40% of my time as an undergrad. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that this was only the first of THREE visits there during the trip :) Next we checked into our hotel and spent the rest of Wednesday lounging by the pool (it was hot, but not ridiculously hot - perfect pool weather!) and had a delicious dinner at Vivace that night. Such a nice relaxing day!

And then on Thursday, the shenanigans started again…. Julie had the brilliant suggestion for all of us to get massages. Great idea! Except I wasn't content for the three of us to have separate massage experiences… oh no. I made friends with the spa manager and politely requested a "couples massage + 1… a triples massage?" Unbelievably, the spa manager made it happen… she blocked off the entire yoga room at the hotel and transformed it into a spa paradise, complete with a sparkly little sign! The three of us enjoyed our hot stone massages side-by-side, laughing the entire hour :)

After our massage and some more pool time, we got all cleaned up and headed down to campus for some good ole fashioned reminiscing… we drove around Greek Row and waved to our sorority house and parked on campus so we could walk through the Student Union and of course, our beloved bookstore and their air conditioned comfy chairs :)

Posing on the mall!

We grabbed a beer at Frog & Firkin and then drove to our other favorite restaurant, Oreganos - Gerrick had a minor breakdown when she was told her favorite sandwich had been discontinued (photos of her sobbing face are not being posted because I value our friendship) but she managed to rally in time for the pizookie!

Those two days in Tucson passed in a blur… I had SOOOOO much fun with J + G, but once Friday rolled around, I couldn't WAIT!!!

Check back later this week for stories and pics of the real shenanigans :) XOXO!

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