Monday, August 25, 2014

Uncommon (But Amazing!) Goods

Hi friends - Happy Monday! I had some free time this weekend - a VERY rare occuence around these parts lately - in between picking out bathroom tile and doing our wedding tasting and sat down to do some blogging... YAY!

Anyway - a couple of weeks ago in the middle of all this craziness, I got an email from the kind folks at Uncommon Goods, who wanted to partner up so I could share some of their lovely wares with all of you. 

How could I say no!? Their site is AWESOME. It's such a good resource to buy different, funky, out-of-the-box things - stuff you don't see everyday. With the wedding coming up, Ram and I have been getting amazing gifts from our generous friends and family to help make our new home really ours, but part of me still wants to buy every single thing from Uncommon Goods. They're also a great resource that I've got to keep on my brain for the future - tons of options for anniversary gifts! Here are some of my favorites:

ONE: Um.. a Mobile Foodie Survival Kit with tiny packets of sea salt, garlic, ginger, dill, and more TO TAKE ON THE ROAD!? This is freaking amazing. I can only imagine how delighted Ram would be if I whipped this out at a restaurant :)

TWO: I love the look of agate and have purchased agate coasters and serving platters before, but I've never seen an agate nightlight before! This is freaking gorgeous. I want one for every room in my house!

THREE: Did I ever mention that I collect salts? (That's a story for a different time, I guess.) In the meanwhile, I'm VERY intrigued by this kit - the Flavors of America Salt Collection!

FOUR: Obviously, I've got weddings on the brain... This custom "last name street sign" print is so clever and would be a great engagement or shower gift for a new couple. I love the pop-art feel!

FIVE: Look at this personalized cutting board - I definitely have "housewarming" on the brain but how cute would this be to give to a friend as a gift to use in their new home?! Actually, all their personalized pieces are great.

SIX: My mom has one of these cool long bud vases that she keeps on her vanity filled with little flowers - I've always wanted one for myself, and now I know where to get it :)

The other thing I really like about UG? The company itself prides itself on giving back to people in need and being just an all-around good role model to the community in general :) They treat their employees with dignity and respect, offering them health insurance (even some part-time employees!) and providing a living wage;  they are committed to selling products that are "socially and environmentally responsible"; and best of all, they have the "Better to Give" Program, which allows customers, at checkout, to select a non-profit organization that receives a $1 donation from every single purchase on their website. Very cool!

Please note: This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods, a website I truly like and peruse frequently! Thanks for supporting them... and this blog :)

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