Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bash, Please: A Thank You!

There is no way that I could begin blogging about our wedding without dedicating an entire post to the amazing team who helped put it together - the extraordinary women of Bash, Please.

From the moment Rami put that ring on my finger, I knew that I would be kicking off wedding planning with one very specific phone call - and sure enough, less than 48 hours later, I had myself an appointment with Kelly and Paige, the talented owners of BP, which is a full-service event planning and production company. I met with them in their studio at Culver City and it was love at first sight - for me at least! (I think maybe my talk of glitter cannons and sparkle bridesmaid dresses may have scared them initially...) :)

Why Bash, Please? Truly, there was no question as to who we were going to hire to be our wedding planners. Long before we even got engaged, I had started reading wedding blogs, and consistently found myself struck by certain weddings that just had IT - that certain special something, that attention to detail that made the wedding SHINE. When I'd scroll down to read the vendor list for those very special weddings, I saw the same name over and over again listed under "Planning & Coordination" - Bash, Please.

After our first meeting, Paige and Kelly connected me with their Event Producers Melissa and Sydney, who became our partners for the wild ride of planning this shindig - and truly, throughout the year, they also became our friends. I will always treasure and truly appreciate the many times they shlepped out to the valley to meet with us in person, discussing details over snacks at my mom's kitchen table, and the countless patience they showed while answering my BILLION AND A HALF insane emails. I even dragged them to SoulCycle with me one day. They sent me a rainbow sprinkle birthday cake at midnight on my birthday, for gods sake! 

BP's attention to detail is unparalleled - they do it all, and they do it with a smile on their faces. They created our invitations and helped us tie perfect bows and stuff every single one of them, they came up with the idea for our place-card wall and our awesome dance-floor decals, they sat with me and showed me how to craft paper flowers for our DJ backdrop, they negotiated and haggled with every single vendor, they found back-up options for rental chairs and couches and tables, they shlepped heavy tablecloth linens to every single floral mock-up... I mean, the list is unending. They were the best investment we could have made at the beginning of the planning process and the smartest decision I think we ever made. 

Their taste is impeccable, their suggestions unique and absolutely genius... I wanted our wedding to be different and special and sparkly and colorful and very US, and they immediately understood our vision and set out to make it all happen. The day of our wedding, I didn't have a single moment of anxiety or doubt or hesitation that it would all unfold spectacularly - I trusted them implicitly and knew they would make everything look spectacular. And in the end, it was better than I ever could have imagined. 

I write this in part so that I can send it to them and hope that they truly understand how much they mean to me and how talented they truly are, but also to remind myself - months or years from now when I reread this - how grateful I am for EVERY SINGLE THING they did to help make this the wedding we always dreamed of.

It has been almost two weeks since the wedding and the phone has still not stopped ringing with friends and family calling to tell us how extraordinary it was. I love, love, LOVE hearing every single compliment, but I really can only take part of the credit - even when it was my idea, it was Melissa and Sydney and the BP team who made it happen for us. 

Bash, Please, and especially Mel and Syd - Ram and I love you and will always be grateful for all your hard work. Thank you for making us the wedding of our DREAMS! 

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