Monday, November 24, 2014

Hostess With The Mostest? No. Definitely Not.

Most of the time I am very smart. On occasion, I am a total idiot. Like the time I offered - no, INSISTED!!! - on hosting Thanksgiving for my family and Ram's family this year, ONE MONTH AFTER MOVING INTO OUR NEW HOUSE THAT HAS ZERO FURNITURE AND IS STILL FULL OF UNPACKED BOXES.

I think I naively thought that not only would the house be fully unpacked but also magically full of furniture (which is a joke because I can't even find anything online I like enough to go see in person, let alone actually purchase), and also I think I was really excited to use all our new beautiful china and tablecloths and runners and silver? Which, may I remind everyone, IS ALL still in boxes? And when I say we have no furniture, I am not exaggerating. Our living room is empty. Our dining room is empty. Upstairs bedrooms... empty. We have no kitchen table or chairs. I am PRAYING our couch (ordered 2 months ago) comes before the holiday!

So yes. I'm a total moron. We will be hosting TWENTY FIVE family and friends on Turkey Day and I will be seating everyone on rented tables and chairs, like the classy girl I am. I better come up with a real cute tablescape idea to distract everyone... the more glitter, the better, I think. #lifemotto

In the meantime I'm just focusing on the delish dishes I'm planning on serving everyone! My mom and my uncle will both be bringing the turkeys (25 people = multiple turkeys), and I think Rami's mom is going to handle all the desserts (I ain't no baker) so I want to really bring it with the appetizers and side dishes! I took Wednesday off work so that I can spend the whole day in my new kitchen cooking with my sister... I actually can't wait :)

Here's what I'm thinking... warning, half of this stuff is from Martha's website. What can I say? I JUST TRUST HER.

Appetizers: Goat cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates. Bailey's favorite! I'm drooling just thinking of them. Plus a fresh baguette and some killer dips - maybe a charred onion dip and a spinach-artichoke dip? And then, of course, a cheese plate - I make the BEST one. I have to blog about it someday.

Veggies: Rami has requested roasted brussels sprouts - I'm considering this recipe, although last week I made an Asian-inspired version that was so good! Definitely a green bean recipe. This cauliflower gratin looks insane, too. CRANBERRY SAUCE, of course, but my secret is I like it best from the can :) And maybe my favorite thing ever, creamed spinach?

Carbs -AKA, the reason why I love Thanksgiving (turkey does nothing for me): Definitely mashed potatoes - you can't have Thanksgiving without them! Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top... yum. I am also debating either a delicious, traditional mac & cheese casserole, these adorable little muffin-pan potato cakes, OR a savory bread pudding, maybe this one with mushrooms and gruyere?! And of course, stuffing... I like stuffing with cornbread and big chunks of chicken apple sausage. OMG. YUM.

Mmmmm.... Thanksgiving is just a few days away.... I can't wait!

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